Painting King's Castle by Wim Bals

King's Castle

100 x 150 cm | oil on canvas | €18000

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This painting is built up in the atmosphere of a warm summer evening.
The title 'King's Castle refers to the lion as' King of the animals' but also to the kingfisher.
The castle that I used as a background is the Castle 'Hof ter Saksen' where I often hung around as a little boy.

Detail Lion
King's Castle detail lion

Detail with 'Nestor' the famous lion of the Antwerp Zoo.
Furthermore, you can also see a squirrel monkey with dragonfly wings and a bear cuscus with a Chinese parasol.

Detail Chinchilla
King's Castle detail chincilla

A chinchilla in a lotus bowl with a couple of seahorses.

Detail Kingfisher
King's Castle detail Kingfisher

Detail with the always eye-catching kingfisher in a kind of lampion vessel.
By adding such a movement in the composition you get a strong contrast between the architectonic of the castle and the flying objects.

King's Castle Framed
King's Castle detail frame

The painting is framed in a 'floating frame' in the color 'Sterling Silver'.