Are you tired of melancholy and dark art?

There's rescue nearby —

wim bals schilderij redding Painting of polar bears with a lifeboat - Private Collection

Because all of my works that are leaving the studio will get the necessary dose of humor and hapiness with it.
Perhaps that's why my paintings are the perfect remedy.
Hyperrealistic scenes of animals in all kinds of humourous situations, to you to discover them ...

wim bals penseel en olieverf
High quality oil paint

Every detail is carefully made with the utmost care in a traditional technique. What's more, the high quality pigments in the oil that I use are made to stand the test of time.

Do you have a place where art can add value to your home?

An original artwork enhances the dynamics of your interior and provides a start for a good conversation. Also, art is currently much more accessible through the advent of the internet.

On the paintings page you will see my most recent works.

wim bals penseel en olieverf
Packing the paintings.

You're in good company

The paintings are spread around the world, collected by private owners as well as companies.
You can always contact me by e-mail or phone about the availability and price of one or more paintings, without any obligation.
Maybe you prefer Instant Messaging?

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contact artist Wim Bals MessengerMessenger @wimbalsartist

A selection of the paintings

een selectie van de schilderijen
Superhippo - Private Collection USA

On this site you'll find images of recent paintings I made. Would you like an overview with a lot of more images?
Then download the free e-Catalogue.

Upcoming exhibition

wim bals Galerie Evasion, Waremme - Belgium
Galerie Evasion, Waremme - Belgium.

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