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Nice to meet you,

⎯   Well, hi there and thanks for stopping by, I'd like to tell you a bit more about myself.
I work and live as a professional artist in Stekene, Belgium.
Besides animals, there's always humor in my work. Mainly because I can't live without humor... (and animals)

Do you have any questions about the paintings or would you just to know me a little better, jump to my contact page.
Check my paintings in the gallery. They are fun and hilarious. You have been warned!

Okay, now scroll down for more facts.

wim bals Brushes

A little origin story about a big dream.

⎯   I grew up in the rural Beveren-Waas. Ever since I was young, I was surrounded with brushes and paint from my father. These photos from the 70s below are witness to this.

wim bals en hilaire bals
Me and my father at his art studio.

It was clear that I also had the artistic microbe just like my father Hilaire Bals. He was also a professional painter for years and inspired me to go to the drawing academy in Beveren-Waas. At the same time, I followed graphic design in Antwerp.

After my military service with the Air Force I ended up working at the Stedelijk Museum in Sint-Niklaas. There, I mainly worked on the temporary exhibitions where I often went on prospecting for artists and museums.

All very interesting, but in the meantime I sold my paintings that I made during my free hours and that went very well.

At one point it dawned on me ... do I want a safe job and a taste of the artistry? Or do I opt for the adventurous and will I become a full-time artist?

It has become the last and I have not regretted it!

wim bals Gallery

Art Gallery

Galerie De Beeldenstorm
Roosendaalsebaan 4
4744 SM Bosschenhoofd - The Netherlands



You could have seen the paintings here:

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