Bubble Bird

En route

16 April 2024

This painting must breathe the atmosphere of the 17th century.
A dramatic effect is achieved with the typical chiaroscuro lighting of the figures.
This accentuates the characters and objects in three dimensions.
It looks as if the scene is illuminated with a spotlight.

In addition, the cat is also wearing a typical cloak that was often seen in the paintings of Rembrandt and his contemporaries.
On top of the staff you can see a petit fours that the group can eat 'en route' (on the way).
On the staff you can see chrysalises from which butterflies unfold.

En route
25 x 25 cm
Oil on panel
Framed with a black shadow box frame

* This painting is sold.

Bubble Bird

Bubble Bird

11 March 2024

During the Easter weekend you can see my latest creation 'Bubble Bird' at Galerie Honingen.
Gallery Honingen
Lange Tiendeweg 40
2801 KJ Gouda
The Netherlands

This painting shows grapes, a galago and a bubble-blowing bird.
It is therefore a 'lively' still life 😉.

Bubble Bird
23 x 35 cm
Oil on panel

* This painting is sold.

Galerie Honingen in Gouda


18 August 2023

All aboard!

This painting shows my vision of the mythological story of 'Icarus'.


As Icarus and Daedalus are held captive in Crete by King Minos, Daedalus devises a way to escape: he builds wings from a wooden framework, studded with feathers in a bow secured with wax.
Because the wax can melt, Daedalus warns Icarus not to fly too high and close to the sun, but not too low either, because the seawater would make the wings too heavy.

In his enthusiasm, however, Icarus becomes reckless; he flies too high to melt the wax and crashes into the Aegean Sea.

This painting is immediately available from the Wim Bals Art Studio.

36 x 60 cm
Oil on panel

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