painting Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion

2 September 2021

I am currently painting a 'lion' themed painting.
The grotesque appearance of this stunning animal continues to capture the imagination.

You can also find examples of this mighty animal in Greek mythology.
For example, there is the Nemean lion, or lion of Nemea, which was a gigantic beast that lived in the forests of the Greek Peloponnese.
No one could defeat this lion, the arrows fired at it didn't seem to hit the lion.

This painting is loosely based on this theme, with my own input of course.
For example, this lion does not live in the Greek Peloponnese but here with me in the nature reserve 'Het Gelaag' in the local Stekene (Belgium).

Let's call it artistic freedom.

Alpha Lion

Size: 50 x 50 cm
Technique: Oil on panel
Frame: American black box frame with a round warm silver front view
Location: Wim Bals Art Studio
Availability: This painting is sold.

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