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12 February 2024

Although I love nature immensely, I also find the vibrant atmosphere of the city enchanting.
Especially in the evening and even when the streets are wet after the rain.

These shiny streets further enhance the kaleidoscope of lights, colors and buildings through the reflections.

An extra detail such as the nameplate of the street 'Monkey Street' near the Mandrill Monkey means that the city can also be a perfect backdrop for my paintings.
By the way, the text 'Monkey St' is only a few millimeters in size on the original painting.

25 x 25 cm
Oil on panel

Update: this painting is sold.

The Great Storyteller

The Great Storyteller

1 February 2024

In this painting you see a Amur leopard as 'The Great Storyteller'.
This extremely rare species of leopard tells about its heroic exploits to the select audience.

The audience includes a Malayan pied marten, Cape ibis, golden-headed lion tamarin, squirrel monkey, kingfisher and a koala.
The squirrel monkey seems to check in a book whether the heroic stories told by the Amur leopard are indeed correct.


On the left side of the panel you see a kingfisher just taking off from the water.
Although you cannot immediately see a water pond in this painting, the movement of the kingfisher and the water droplets make it seem as if this group is sitting by the water to cool down on a hot day.

In this painting you 'read' the scene in an undulating movement.
You start at the kingfisher on the left and you leave the story at the 'koala butterfly' on the right.

In addition, the 'rule of thirds' is also clearly visible in this composition.

rule of thirds

For example, the kingfisher and the book are perfectly situated on one third.
The eye of the Amur leopard is also located at two intersections of the 'rule of thirds'.

When I started this painting I wanted to create a story with light, humor and movement in the composition.
It was very challenging to bring all these elements together in this work, but I am very happy with the final result.

Update: this painting is sold.

maine coon painting

Autumn is here!

14 October 2023

Now that it is getting cooler, you can warm up with the cozy autumn colors that I used in this painting “Enchanted”. 🍂

This painting is immediately available from the Wim Bals Art Studio.

41 x 40 cm
Oil on panel

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Galerie Honingen in Gouda


18 August 2023

All aboard!

This painting shows my vision of the mythological story of 'Icarus'.


As Icarus and Daedalus are held captive in Crete by King Minos, Daedalus devises a way to escape: he builds wings from a wooden framework, studded with feathers in a bow secured with wax.
Because the wax can melt, Daedalus warns Icarus not to fly too high and close to the sun, but not too low either, because the seawater would make the wings too heavy.

In his enthusiasm, however, Icarus becomes reckless; he flies too high to melt the wax and crashes into the Aegean Sea.

This painting is immediately available from the Wim Bals Art Studio.

36 x 60 cm
Oil on panel

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