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Winter landscape

September 17, 2019

Oriental Flight (detail)
60 x 80 cm
Oil on panel

This hornbill is a detail of a new painting that is currently drying.
Every year I paint a winter landscape that I use for my New Year card.
Because of the light, the white snow gets variations from cool blue/purple to creamy white, which makes a winter landscape every time a real challenge to paint.

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Azalea painting

April 14, 2019

⎯   Full steam ahead with this painting
35 x 35 cm
Oil on panel

Update: This painting has already been sold.

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The Eagle and the Seal

Work in progress

April 3, 2019

⎯   Falconry
I painted this painting "The Eagle and the Seal" a while ago.
The approach to the subject and the composition was a little tougher than the style I normally use.
For example, there is the vast mystical landscape and the eagle that claims almost the entire width of the painting and the seal in a traditional costume.
You can observe deer antlers, acorns, lights and a magic ball in the staff.

This painting is currently in my studio in Belgium.
"The Eagle and the Seal"
50 x 80 cm
Oil paint on panel

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Work in progress

Work in progress

March 29, 2019

⎯   Detail strongman
Work in progress... This strongman is part of a circus family.💪🐷

Update: This painting has already been sold.

#painting #strongman #piglet #art #wimbals #trompeloeil #art #miniature #happy #surrealism #circus 2019

New Art Gallery

Art Gallery Honingen Gouda

March 25, 2019

⎯   Art Gallery Honingen
My paintings will soon be on display in Gouda (NL) at Galerie Honingen.
This leading gallery in contemporary figurative art has a particularly beautiful collection of artists and I am delighted with this new collaboration.

A painting that will soon be available in the gallery:
23 x 23 cm | Oil on panel


painting with a tiger

March 13, 2019

⎯   Just varnished!
"Explorers" | 30 x 60 cm, oil on panel.

This cheerful company goes on an adventure as explorers to new places.
Presumably it is an Eastern destination based on the Chinese lanterns. Or maybe they brought these lanterns from previous expeditions?
Here the story lies in the hands of the spectator, or her, fantasy...

In addition to the dynamic and humorous story, I also placed an extra layer in this painting.

The chimpanzee records the impressions during their expeditions with an imaginary device.
This data then ends up in a scientific book that the monkey has with him.
But as you can see, pages fly out of the book. This symbolizes the everlasting quest of humanity to approach everything scientifically.

Also the fact of the more you investigate, the more is added to investigate.

Update: This painting has already been sold.

New painting with a cat coming up


March 9, 2019

⎯   I am currently working on a painting with a cat.
The size is 23 x 23 cm, this is the size of only the painting, so with the frame included it will be 31 x 31 cm.

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March 4, 2019

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