2 June 2021

This mechanical jumping spider forms the basis of this work.
The title refers to the nightcap that the sparrow is wearing. But also to the teacup as a nightcap before going to sleep.

painting nightcap


25 x 25 cm, Oil on panel, available from Wim Bals Art Studio

🤷 Unfortunately, this painting has just been sold.

Biscuit Ganache

31 May 2021

This painting can be seen together with other new works at Galerie Honingen in Gouda (NL).

A brochure has also been published for the occasion with some of the new works that will be on display during this exhibition.
The cake that can be seen in the painting is from the local bakery 'ARTO'.

biscuit ganache Arto bakery Stekene

Biscuit Ganache

25 x 45 cm, Oil on panel


28 April 2021

Very happy that my painting "Amigos" has been used for the label of this exquisite and exclusive cognac:
# 8 Le voyageur: Lot 67 (1967) Jean-Luc Pasquet, petite champagne, 40,6%.
Limited and numbered edition of 438 bottles. Origin: Pierre de Joyet (Jurignac).

The painting is 'Amigos' (Private collection Belgium)

cognac malternative

Work in progress

15 April 2021

Currently working on a vintage Fiat 500 powered by solar energy.
Stay tuned!

solar car

Solar Car

35 x 28 cm
Oil on panel

Did you know?

24 March 2021

Did you know that I originally painted still lifes before I started painting paintings of animals?
Still lifes formed an excellent basis because you are mainly concerned with shape, color, light and composition and not immediately with an underlying story.

Here you see a still life, which I still think is a nice painting today.

stillife with bottles

Stillife with bottles

24 x 30 cm
Oil on panel

Are you interested in this painting? Drop me a mail.

2 New paintings

24 January 2021

I would like to present you two new paintings.
They both have the same size of 28 x 35 cm and have the same type of frame.

clementine car painting

Clementine Car

A 'car' composed of clementines and an old glue jar.
The driver is a slow lori, a nocturnal animal that normally lives in the trees.

28 x 35 cm
Oil on panel

big wave painting

Big Wave

This painting shows a young pelican's first flight.
The accompanying meerkat has a telescope to determine the course.

28 x 35 cm
Oil on panel

Are you interested in these paintings? Drop me a mail.
🤷 Unfortunately, these paintings has just been sold.



28 December 2020


This painting has been painted a while ago. But because art doesn't have an expiration date and I still find the work interesting, I would like to post it.
In the past I often combined human figures with animals in an (almost) impossible combination.

In this artwork, hairdressers in the form of a hamster and two frogs are involved in the hairdo to put every hair in the right fold

22 x 22 cm
Oil on panel
Available from the Wim Bals Art Studio


Terra Nova

7 December 2020

Terra Nova

Two explorers discovering new land (Terra Nova).
They are welcomed by the local insects.
The two figures have been surprised by the welcoming greeting of the butterflies and the grasshopper.
As a fine painter, this was a wonderful job to do!

Terra Nova
40 x 70 cm
Oil on panel
Private Collection Belgium


22 October 2020

Varnishing Extravaganza
See how the varnish is lifting up the colors and tones of this oil painting 'Extravaganza'.
25 x 25 cm
Oil on panel
Private Collection The Netherlands

Work in Progress

Flying Zoo

1 August 2020

Flying Zoo

Currently working on this new painting 'Flying Zoo'. 40 x 70 cm. Who ever comes to Stekene, the place where I live, probably knows this plane. It was the inspiration to create this painting. In this stage I am working on the final layer in oil, still a bit to go but the end result is gradually coming near.

Panda Express

panda en giraf

29 May 2020

Watch out!

With a fresh load of bamboo, this panda is on its way to a zoo or perhaps relatives of this panda in the jungle. Or just for themselves?

On the back of the scooter, the giraffe tries to keep the whole heap of bamboo together somewhat.

Both the snowy owl and the meerkat take the opportunity to ride with this 'Uber-panda'.

If you look closely, you can also spot an alligator in the water...

Panda Express
25 x 25 cm
Oil on panel
Private Collection The Netherlands

New painting

trompe l'oeil

1 May 2020

Trompe l'oeil
I would like to introduce my latest painting 'Powernap'.
Trompe-l'oeil is a painting technique that looks deceptively realistic. The word trompe-l'oeil is French and literally means "deceive the eye" or optical illusion.
That is why it seems as if the leg of the resting cat comes 'out of the frame'. Of course, the frame itself has been painted and the painting will still be in a frame.

😻 Powernap
40 x 60 cm
Oil on panel
Private Collection Portugal

Video 'How do you frame a painting'

April 19 2020

New video YouTube
I use a so called floating frame to frame my paintings.
Follow all steps in this video to get a great framing result.

Happy viewing!

Buy a painting now?

delivery painting

April 7, 2020

Buy art online
There has been a noticeable trend lately to buy more and more paintings online.
If you are not yet familiar with buying art online, I would like to explain this.

How does this work?

- You send a message to me with the title of the painting you wish to purchase.
- You will receive the payment details.
- The painting is packed and can withstand a fall of 2 meters.
- The shipment is insured for the full amount.
- The painting is sent by courier.
- You will receive the painting within a week

If you have any questions about this, please send me a message.

woldwide art acollections

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⎯   You're in good company, the paintings are spread around the world collected by private owners as well as companies. Would you like to expand your art collection or maybe it's your first art purchase?

If you buy a painting of me then you know that I only make one unique copy of each painting and that there are no reproductions on the market.
That makes the artwork even more exclusive.

You can always contact me by e-mail or phone about the availability and price of one or more paintings, without any obligation.

art handling and Art transport

Art transport

⎯   If you want to buy a work of art you will of course receive it in perfect condition.
The painting will be professionally packed and provided with the necessary documents and can be received anywhere in the world.

With the shipment of your painting an all-risk insurance is standard, so your new painting will arrive with no worries.

Within Belgium and the Netherlands I, or the gallery, take care of the transport of the paintings.
Worldwide shipping is done by a professional partner in art transport.

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