Transport Exceptionnel

6 June 2023

In this painting 'transport exceptionnel' in which a black-headed gull transports a nest of young birds, a hamster can also be seen in a flying Fabergé egg.
The process from drawing to fully finished in oil paint of this fragment can soon be seen in full on my Youtube channel.

So behind the scenes I'm busy editing the video and it will probably be available online at the end of June.

’Transport Exceptionnel’
25 x 25 cm
Oil on Panel
To be framed in a matte black tray frame

take off

Take Off

4 May 2023

The last details and then this kingfisher is ready.
Particularly fun to 'freeze' this moment of action on this painting.

Discover the elements of a bicycle such as an old bicycle saddle, bicycle bell and a bicycle light that make this kingfisher a kind of hybrid figure between bird and machine.

’Take off’
25 x 25 cm
Oil on Panel
To be framed in a matte black tray frame

* Update: This painting is sold



18 February 2023

Although you can follow me on Instagram, it appears that this platform sometimes still has some limitations in terms of communication to my followers.
For example, I cannot place links with photos, which is actually essential for me, and there are other shortcomings

That's why you can also follow me on Facebook in addition to Instagram.

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painting Superheroes ready

Superheroes ready!

9 February 2023

This night scene with three superheroes has just been finished.

After first having the idea in my head, then sketching the idea on paper, and then starting the final painting.
With every painting that is completed, it remains for me, after all these years, a magical moment.


These funny superheroes are riding a Honda Dax scooter.
The model dates from the late 1960s and appeared in a second, completely revised, version in the late 1980s.

In addition to the humorous idea, I tried to pull focus towards the subject through the use of color and light in this painting.


24,5 x 38 cm
31,5 x 45 cm Framed
Oil on panel

Private Collection USA

Painting Superheroes


2 February 2023

I am currently working on my 'Superheroes' painting.
🦇 Batman, 🦸‍♂️ Superman and 🛡️Captain America included.
These heroes ride a legendary Honda DAX scooter.

de nieuwe boswachter

The new ranger

16 January 2023

My dog 'Ravel' loves nothing more than walking through the autumn leaves.
That is how the idea arose to make this painting of 'The new ranger'.


I deliberately kept the focus on the main subject in order to create a strong depth effect.
The colorful hazy autumn colors are like a kaleidoscope around this funny French bulldog, antlers included.

The new ranger

25 x 25 cm
32 x 32 cm framed
Oil on panel
Private collection The Netherlands

maine coon painting

Meanwhile in the studio

22 December 2022

At the moment I am in the good company of a Maine Coon cat.

This cat is at the center of the new painting 'Enchanted'.
The idea was to make a portrait immersed in Rembrandt atmosphere.

This dramatic lighting strongly emphasizes the three-dimensional shapes of the subject, the Maine Coon in this case.



41 x 40 cm
48 x 47 cm framed
Oil on panel

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Galerie Honingen in Gouda


18 August 2022

All aboard!

Very soon this painting will sail to Galerie Honingen in Gouda, where it will participate in the 25th anniversary exhibition.


This painting shows my vision of the mythological story of 'Icarus'.
As Icarus and Daedalus are held captive in Crete by King Minos, Daedalus devises a way to escape: he builds wings from a wooden framework, studded with feathers in a bow secured with wax.
Because the wax can melt, Daedalus warns Icarus not to fly too high and close to the sun, but not too low either, because the seawater would make the wings too heavy.

In his enthusiasm, however, Icarus becomes reckless; he flies too high to melt the wax and crashes into the Aegean Sea.


36 x 60 cm
44 x 68 cm framed
Oil on panel

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